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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Life happens, one step at a time. Problem is, we sometimes want it to move much faster. Fast is good if you have learned how to run like the wind. But how many of us can make the Olympics?

Then there are those who would rather not move at all. They hope to benefit from what others do. Life passes them by and they are oblivious or simply uncaring about what they are missing. Let's not rock the boat; let's stay on an even keel. Wouldn't do to get too ambitious! It might take effort, work. It might take us away from the beloved TV. Or computer. Or whatever.

Like a toddler, we must learn to crawl before we walk, to walk before we run. And we will have our share of stumbles, falls, cuts and bruises along the way until we become confident that we can do it on our own. One step at a time, whether walking or running.

If we desire to build a profitable business, we must build on a sure foundation. You cannot build a house from the top down. There are certain rules to follow. Build the roof first and where will you put it? But when you build a strong foundation, you can build one brick at a time, one layer at a time, until the whole comes together in a creation that is both beautiful and useful.

Here are just a few stepping stones you will have to step out on if you expect to find success.

Stepping stone #1: When we decide we want to start up in business, the first step we need to take is to decide what type of business we can get excited about. If you have no interest in technology, then it is not advisable to opt for a telecom company. If you love jewelery, you should consider getting involved with a company that sells jewelery. What is your passion?

Stepping stone #2: Which is the best company to associate yourself with? This involves research. Ask questions. Search the internet. Look for distributors who will give an honest report about the company. Decide if it is a good match for you. Can you make enough money with the marketing plan? Is there enough training available for you to be able to promote the product and the business? Is help close at hand when you need it? Is there a good team to join?

Stepping stone #3: What is the investment you need to make, financial, time, etc., to make this business profitable? Make a plan. Write down your goals. Sit down and count the cost. Don't blindly plunge in head first without knowing how deep the water is. Create a business plan. You may not be able to follow it exactly as you first lay it out, but you need a place to begin.

Stepping stone #4: Once you have done your due diligence and have decided on a product, a company, a team you are passionate about, it's time to join. Get started.

Stepping stone #5: Find a mentor or a master mind team you can work with for support, teaching, information, guidance in building your business. Training is an absolute necessity if you hope to succeed. Just make sure it is the right kind of training that can take you to the top.

Stepping stone #6: Make sure you have all the tools you need--a web site, a blog site, an autoresponder, a newsletter, a lead source, etc. Without the tools of the trade, the 'trade' will fail. Learn how to use the tools to the best advantage. Then use them.

The springboard: When you learn to use the stepping stones without attempting to skip over some of them, you will find that your business has come to a point where it begins to take off. Like jumping off a springboard. Now you can jump into the deep end without drowning. Continue doing what experience tells you has been the right thing, and your business will begin to grow exponentially. Success will be yours if you hold tenaciously to your goal.

Now, go out there and just do it!

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