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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scouts Canada Hosts Annual Christmas Show

Yesterday I manned a table for David Carruthers in the gym at Spencer Hall, the Scouts Canada headquarters for London.
There were numerous vendors selling hand-crafted items from knitting to cards to jewelery to trains. There were wood products, home-made preserves and Christmas decorations as well as another children's author, Susan Ross, selling her picture books. (I will be highlighting Susan in another post.) For a $3.00 entrance fee you also received a lunch of sandwiches, veggies and sweets as well as tea and coffee.

It was great to meet and chat with other vendors and to speak with people as they stopped by David's table to browse. I was able to tell quite a few people about David's books and about his school and day care presentations. Of course I also sold some of his books to eager parents and grandparents.

CDs containing
all 17 of David's books.

David also has CDs on which all 17 of his stories are narrated.

Imaginative story about a boy
who wonders what it's like to
"hug an octopus","ride an octopus"
or "kiss a giraffe".

David's books are enthusiastically spoken of by all who have purchased them--children, teachers and parents all love them.

Rhyming picture book just for fun.
All about the letter "A"
to teach children
about the letter itself
and many words
beginning with it.
The purpose is to
enlarge their vocabulary
in a fun way.
A "Colour-Me" book
Along with David's books I also had some of my own children's books on display. These are books I published in 1988 but since I have been out of the craft show venue for so long they have been boxed up in my apartment. David was good enough to suggest I sell my books at his shows as well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One of the Biggest Book Opportunities Ever!

We are currently looking for affiliates to participate in one of the biggest book opportunities ever. Bigger than Harry Potter. Get In as an affiliate now...
Buy the novel for yourself and see what all the buzz is about.
Littluns and The Book Of Darkness

Littluns’ hard cover, 411 page book
includes 63 full color illustrations.
Littluns is a book for the entire family

Imagine innocence of Light, the meek and good among us being unexpectedly consumed into a void of darkness.
Imagine a world gone wrong as darkness overwhelms the Light - offering little hope in a world gone wrong.
Imagine circumstances beyond your control from which your life will inexplicably never ever be the same.
Imagine  being stripped of your identity with no past, present, or future while wandering misplaced with a tortured disability and terrifying existence, within an empty space of nothingness.
What could you do - where would you go - how might you survive – can there be any hope in hopelessness?
Imagine being in such a dark place and how you might find ANY truth, peace, love, hope, joy, enlightenment, and your heart’s desire in the face of such adversity?
Author Mark Glamack

First and foremost, Never, Ever Give Up...
Beyond that can only be found in "Littluns."


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Candy Dragon Man

David reading book
"What sound does a giraffe make?".
Canadian Children's Author/Entertainer David Carruthers Reads to a Group of Children
Introducing David Carruthers, an author from London, to those who don't know him. David writes books for children and has published 17 books to date with several more in the works. "The Candy Dragon" is one of his books that the children really love.
I have been working with David for a few weeks booking school and day care presentations for him. He does magic tricks, basketball tricks, interactive story telling, an anti-bullying presentation, "The Cool Ghoul" one-man show, writing workshops etc. His main goal is to instill positive life skills in the children.
I Wanna Be Cool!
I attended one of his day care presentations towards the end of October, so I thought I would share some of the photos with you.  
As you can see, David involves the children in his story-telling. They have a great time with him.
The Cool Ghoul
 I'm hoping to check out part of his full-day presentations in the elementary schools as well. He has been in over 800 schools to date. 
Taken at a Gordie the Golfball Mini-Golf  Fundraiser
One of David's dreams is to give back to the community in greater measure than he has done so far. He is constantly looking ahead to greater things and is full of energy and optimism. He loves to do fundraisers, and one of his projects is to help the London Food Bank and, eventually, food banks across Canada.
 Above are just some of David's books. If you are interested in learning more about David, please visit his web site.                                             

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