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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You would think, by the ads on the internet and the titles of so many e-books that Attraction Marketing is a discovery of this age. There is no end to the training on how to get customers to come to you, how to get more leads for your network marketing business, etc. A decade or two back these terms had not yet come into play. But when I was doing my devotional reading the other day I realized that this principle isn't new, it's an ancient one. Even Jesus practiced it!

Mark tells us (Mark 1:40-45) about a leper who came to Jesus asking to be made clean. Jesus was moved with compassion, touched this unclean man, this untouchable, this outcast from society, and he was immediately healed. No one else could have done this for him. Jesus was in the right place at the right time to give the right thing to the right man. Then Jesus instructed him to go to the priest and offer the proper sacrifice for his cleansing as prescribed in the Mosaic laws and not to tell anyone else about what had happened.

But this man was so deliriously happy about his healing (and who wouldn't be?) that he went around telling everybody he saw what Jesus had done. And the result of this? "...they were coming to [Jesus] from everywhere." (verse 45). Can you find a more apt description of how Attraction Marketing, also known as Magnetic marketing or the Law of Attraction, works? Give something of value to someone, something no one else has offered them, and others will be attracted to you without you having to do anything else. Once they came to Jesus he ministered to them body, soul and spirit. He gave them what they needed, not merely what they wanted.

If we could but learn to put this principle into practice we could have the same results. Business would increase, customers would come out of the woodwork, if we would freely offer to help others achieve their goals, we would find our own dreams coming to fruition. (See quote for the day.) What we sow we shall also reap. If we sow kindness, we will receive kindness in return. When we sow love, we experience love in our lives. Sow valuable information into the lives of those who need help building a business, and new business will come in return. But we must make sure what we offer is of value and the Law of Attraction will work every time.

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