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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sorry, but you've come to the wrong place if you're hoping to become a millionaire by tomorrow. Success is rarely, if ever, instant. The yacht will have to wait awhile.

We live in an age where everyone is in a hurry and demands everything NOW. To accommodate this whim of Western society, thousands of time-saving devices have been invented to free up our time--automatic dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, vacuum cleaners, kitchen gadgets galore. From instant mashed potatoes, frozen veggies and pre-cooked meats to instant pudding for dessert, we can create a meal in minutes. Don't even have time for that? Order in. You can choose from pizza, Chinese food, whatever you like. No work on your part. You don't even need to do the dishes if you use disposables.

Many people today live with the false conception that they must have instant gratification. This has resulted in much frustration, anger and impatience. Driving as much as I do, I see a great deal of this on the road. People passing in dangerous places--curves, hills, etc. In the city they weave in and out faster than the shuttle of a loom. I have watched as one car after another runs a red light seemingly without any thought as to the consequences if they don't make it across before the oncoming traffic starts. Law after law is broken. Speeding is an epidemic. You've heard of road rage and what a person is capable of simply because of out-of-control impatience and anger. And how often have you stood in line at the grocery store or the bank, a line that moves as slowly as corn syrup stored in the refrigerator. Do you fidget, start grumbling internally, wonder if you're ever going to get through? Have you ever blamed the girl on cash for being so slow? Or the customer who holds things up because they don't have enough money to pay and have to, one by one, remove items from their order? Have you ever complained about this? I know, many stores now have check-outs that you check yourself out to save time. The banks have instant teller machines. But they, too, can have line-ups.

But where does this impatience get anyone? Home about two minutes sooner? And what is so important about those two minutes? What can anyone possibly be in such a hurry to do?

Well, it seems to be the trend in network marketing business today, too. How many web sites are offering videos, audios, e-books to tell you how you can make thousands of dollars, or get thousands of leads within the first day, week, etc. All fully automated, mind you, so you can just sit back and collect the money. Of course it costs to buy into these programs, but, like the ads say, who wouldn't want all this money just rolling in? Yes, I want it NOW! Let it come!

But as I said, success seldom comes so instantly. I'm not making aspersions against any of the network marketing trainers who offer their programs online. I'm simply saying that it is not as easy as they make it sound to begin to make thousands of dollars a month. It does require work on our part. It requires time. Maybe not as much time as a 9-5 J.O.B. takes, but without spending time and effort it won't work. Who ever heard of building an instant house? Even pre-fabs take some time to construct. Did you ever read a book in five minutes? Unless it was a children's picture book.

Don't be fooled into signing up for every training course available on the net thinking you will become rich overnight. You'll go bankrupt that way. Be discerning when choosing the right one for you. Better still, approach someone who has been successful in network marketing on a long-term basis. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Learn from their mistakes and the things they have done right, things that have made them what they are today. Most are more than willing to help if you are really serious, but if you're not, please don't waste their time. And if you do opt for one of the video courses, make sure you actually do more than simply watch the videos. They were not created for your entertainment. Use them to advantage. Put into practice what you learn.

And give it time. I repeat, there is no instant success. Even those who seem to pop up overnight in the entertainment world and become a star have spent years studying acting, singing, etc. before they could even audition for a part. There must be a great deal of behind-the-scenes activity--regular and focused activity--if you want to build a successful business. How soon do you think a house would be built if all the construction workers sat around chatting and drinking coffee?

You  need to do more than simply sit back and expect the internet to do it all for you. It sounds so good--pay the fee, set up your web site and let it do the work for you. Get used to the fact that it's not going to happen that way. You need to make some kind of personal contact with your leads if you want them to decide on your business. You need to provide information, training, etc. to make them want to do business with you. If you don't care enough to get in touch after they download your e-book, sign up for your newsletter, etc. then they will think you won't care enough to help them after they sign up with you.

I'm not saying you will have to wait for years and years for success, but it just won't be today or tomorrow if you are only at the beginning. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting that which won't happen tomorrow. Be realistic. Set goals. Work toward those goals. Implement all the tools you can to promote your business. Get all the help you can from others. And most of all, give what you can to others. After all, isn't that what networking is all about?

Now, get to work and that yacht will be yours!

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