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Sunday, October 4, 2009


The quote for today is one full of wisdom. David knew the importance of silence as did many others in the Bible. Silence is a rare commodity in this day and age. Seldom do you see people without an iPod or a cell phone in their ear. Traffic produces noise 24/7. In the home, TVs, CD players, DVDs, radios are constantly playing. Whether you're in a store or a restaurant, people's voices rise on the air. Depending on where you live, air traffic can be just as noisy as ground traffic. In the city, dogs bark everywhere. There is a general cacophony of sound that drowns out the ability to think independently of the noise. Distraction is maximum. Focus is drawn away from individual thought to all that is happening around us.

We need to take Mother Teresa's, and King David's, advice and find a place where we can be quiet, where our surroundings are silenced, where we can think without interruption. And where we can turn our minds to the Lord and to His word. Silence renews us. Silence calms us. Silence gives the Lord the opportunity to speak to us. Have you ever been in a large, noisy crowd when someone tried to speak to you and had to almost yell for you to hear? God doesn't usually yell at us. He waits for us to come quietly to Him to hear His voice.

Personally I don't want to miss anything the Lord has to say to me. And I love silence. How often I have said I'd love to go somewhere for a week or two where there are no phones to disturb, no people to distract. A place where I could take my Bible, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and seek the face of the Lord. Maybe one day. But in the meantime, I try to create my own place of silence. It may not be complete as I can still hear the traffic passing by, but I shut myself in with the Lord and hear Him speaking to me. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything the world can offer.

Silence. God-created. Peaceful.  Filled with the presence of the Lord. Life-giving silence. It's worth the effort to find that place with God. Worth is in the 'now', and worth it in the hereafter. Shhh...!

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