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Thursday, October 8, 2009


This afternoon I listened to a conference call with Art Jonak interviewing Donna Johnson, a 7-figure income earner in MLM. Here are some pointers Donna gave those on the call.

We can be an encourager, a cheer-leader, or we can be a coach. Coaching is about developing a relationship with someone to create a level of trust. It's creating strategies. It takes time and sometimes courage. You must be authentic so people know you care about their success.

The "Do no harm" principle - care about every level in your group from the customer to the big earner. Provide great service at all levels. This is about relationship-building, not a race to the top. It's when we help others that we rise ourselves.

Good relationships produce trust and open the door for people to open up to the crucial conversation, to talk about those things that are really important to them.

Let people know, by your words, actions and attitudes, that you believe in them when they aren't sure they even believe in themselves. The ultimate intent is to make others' lives better.

Remember, people constantly watch you. Tell the truth; be honest.

Success is a process.

Success is a journey. As you grow in leadership the challenges get bigger. There will be times of failure, and those struggles aren't fun but are the things that make you stronger.

Continually renew your goals, every day, as a leader. Look at what you've learned, where you're at and where you're going. Your goal should be to constantly get better, not to reach perfection. We will never become perfect.

If I don't have a large group, is it because I'm not strong and worthy enough to handle it?

Growth will be gradual. People who win the lottery are usually more broke than before in a short period of time. They didn't go through the process to become strong. It's like helping a butterfly by cutting the cocoon. But that butterfly needs to work at that itself in order to strengthen its wings and without that process, the butterfly will die.

Donna and Art gave some very good advice that we need to put into practice if we want to become great leaders and to build a great business. Count me in!

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