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Saturday, October 3, 2009


We've all heard the expression, Beauty is only skin deep. Be that as it may, the skin is a significant organ in the body and as such must be well-cared for if we want to keep it healthy. The skin plays an important part in detoxifying the body through sweat glands. It helps to protect against the invasion of dirt and bacteria. And, of course, we would look rather strange without this wrapping the package of our body comes with.

Though skin, in some ways, is very delicate and easily injured, in other ways it is tough and can put up with a lot of abuse. But that abuse will tell in the end. Hence the need for regular skin care with the right products to keep it looking young and vibrant.

For over two years I have been using and promoting skin care products from L'Bri, a company founded over ten years ago by Linda and Brian Kaminski. The product line is aloe-based for healing, and contains no chemicals to burn the skin, no mineral oil or waxes to clog the pores, no harsh ingredients to exfoliate the dead cells, no detergents to dry and damage sensitive skin. All-natural ingredients are used to produce one of the highest quality skin care lines I have seen. Add to that extremely fair prices both retail and wholesale and you have a very desirable line of products that will give you youthful, healthy skin.

But you don't have to take my word for it. I have been approached by many people telling me how good my skin looks, and then when they find out my age, they are even more surprised. The photos following were taken in sequence: before cleansing (and after a busy few weeks when I didn't faithfully follow my skin care routine), then after cleansing and using the facial peel to get rid of all the dead skin cells, one photo of what the face lift looks like after it's applied and allowed to dry, and finally after applying the rest of the five-step. You can see for yourself the difference it makes even after only one time. The difference is far more marked on someone who has never used the product before.

Photo number one, two and three - before cleansing.

Note the large pores.

Note the lines under the eyes on the photo below.              

After using the Facial Peel

With the Face Lift on. Note how the skin is 'stretched' when it dries. This actually exercises the facial muscles to help reduce wrinkles with regular use.

Notice the lines in the forehead are not as deep as they were before the facial.

Note the size of the pores has decreased. Also the lines under the eyes are not quite as noticeable.

I think you will have to agree that these products are very effective. Beauty may only be skin deep as far as outer beauty is concerned, but there is a beauty that comes from living a life serving Jesus that gives lasting beauty within. I strive for that beauty, the beauty of the Lord, rather than outer beauty that will fade with the years. But I also intend to do all I can to keep my skin healthy as well as the rest of my body so that my life will be wholesome in body, soul and spirit. How about you?

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