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Monday, October 12, 2009


 A Strange Answer

Years ago a Chinese student was asked by the University of Chicago's president what he saw as the most noticeable characteristic of Americans. His answer was that their eyes had an odd slant. (Story taken from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, published in 1937.)

Why this answer? Perception. Because their eyes were different from his own.

What is your perception of the shamrock in the above photo? Is your eye drawn to the spindly stems that look as though they are too flimsy to stand up alone let alone hold up flowers and leaves? Or do you notice first the strength of those stems to hold up those huge leaves without drooping?

Perception: Impression, understanding, view.

Do you find yourself always looking on the dark side of things? Do you perceive that everything, in a friend's words, "is terrible"? Everything is going wrong. Things just never work out. Life is hard.

Or do you see the silver lining in every cloud? Can you 'perceive' the situation you are in as being a stepping stone to something better in your life? Do you realize that the way you look at things, the way you perceive them, will dictate how they turn out in the end?

If you see only disaster in your future, disaster is usually what you'll find. But if you can picture yourself benefiting by your current situation, learning a life-lesson that will carry you through the next trial, then you will see victory in your life.

Your Choice

Often things come unbidden into our lives. Many times we have no control over what happens. But if you perceive them in the right light, you will be an overcomer. The outcome is entirely in your hands. It's your choice. It's a matter of perception.

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