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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Without a vision [dream] the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

      What is your dream? Do you have one? Are you living it? If not, then now is the time to discover or retrieve your dream, to rediscover a life of satisfaction, excitement and fulfillment. We must have a dream. Without a dream we merely exist; with a dream, there lies before us a life of limitless possibilities. Perhaps you have never had a dream. Well, jump on board the Dream Express and expect the unexpected!


      We all enter life with a measure of faith: that we will be fed when hungry, attended to when we cry, sheltered from the elements, clothed adequately and, of greatest significance, that we are loved. Naturally we don't think in these terms as an infant, but we are born with built-in trust. Without it we couldn't survive. Studies have shown that when babies lack human touch and are never held in loving arms they don't thrive. As we get a little older, we have faith that Mom and Dad will be there for us. We learn to know that when we sit on a chair it won't fall apart (usually--there have been two occasions when a chair collapsed under me!). We don't wonder every time we get in a car if we'll arrive at our destination--we take it for granted. Until the car breaks down we don't even think about it.
      Yes, we all have faith. On occasion, our faith is severely tested through our circumstances, and we may lose faith in family, friends, even ourselves. Because of devastating past experiences we struggle to believe that good will eventually come our way. We must learn to have faith in God. There will be a time when God brings you face to face with a vital choice: Will you serve the Lord? Or will you choose to serve yourself, the world, your family, your job? Your response will determine your present and your future. Choose well.

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