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Thursday, July 30, 2009


8:00 am. Oh, bother, it's too early to get up. I've only had a few hours sleep since Sunday night. But I suppose I might just as well open my eyes and face the day. I want to post my quote and scripture for the day before the day is over.

The sky is gray, and I learn later that it rained heavily around 7:00 am. I'm glad I wasn't awake for it; I'm tired of the rain day after day. It's a strange summer. But I have to go out whatever the weather.

Somehow I don't seem to get much done this morning. After posting I check my e-mail then remember my gmail account so check that, too. It's new, and I sometimes forget all about it and the mail piles up. I suppose I'll soon get into the routine. I hope. Then I Twitter some. I check the times of a webcast at 4:00 and a webinar at 9:00 pm I registered for. Maybe I should activate a calendar to remind me. I've never used the calendar before, so must find out where it is and how to use it. The time is going quickly. Then I remember I need to place a product order for my business before noon so it will be shipped today. Done!

I had better get dressed--it's nearly time to pick up my friend Winnie. I had asked her if she wanted to come along for the ride. "Would I ever!" was the response. Finally we're on the road to St. Thomas. It takes a half to three-quarters of an hour to get there.

I stop at the printers to pick up the e-books I had printed off. At least I thought I had them printed. They can't find my order. They can't find my e-mail, even! Found at last. I ask for black only--I can't afford to have that many pages done in color. It would cost a fortune!

Finally the printer starts to spit out my books. I pay my bill while I wait. Oh, no! It has stopped. Black and yellow cartridges are empty and need to be replaced. OK, it's running again. The sheets are piling up. Done! The girl looks at them and then announces they are in color! Fortunately for me she knew it wasn't my fault. I told her. And she told the machine. So, I get four full-color books. Can't complain about that.

Then I head for Wendy's for lunch. Oh-oh! Wendy's is gone! No idea where, so I had better find some other place to eat. There's A & W just down the street. Let's try it. The Mama burger is delicious - almost like home-made. The fries are some of the best I've ever eaten though fries aren't my favorite food. That's why I like Wendy's - they have baked potatoes. And Frosties! I love my Frosty after lunch. But no Frosties at A & W. I don't drink pop-- the phosphorus in it leaches calcium from the bones. I want to keep as much calcium in my bones as possible. I'm selfish. So root beer is out of the question. I guess it will have to be coffee. I don't like coffee that well either. Oh, this coffee! It's disgusting! One package of sugar. Can't taste it. Two packages. Still can't taste anything sweet. Two creamers, three, more sugar. Nothing improves it. And it's cold by now. Oh, well, we'll know not to buy coffee there again. Let's get the errands done.

I deliver my order then get myself lost going to my next stop because I am going from a different direction. I finally get to my friend's house. I'm only there to show her how to bring up my blog site. Why won't the link work? I sent the same e-mail to all my other friends. Some were able to access my site, others couldn't. I don't understand technology. It's beyond me. I try typing to address into the browser. Still nothing. I give up. Let's go home now.

I get back to London and realize I need two birthday cards for July 29. That's today! I park the car at the Dollarama and open the back door to get my purse. No purse! I can't believe I left it in St. Thomas! Back we go. Winnie says she's as worried as me. I tell her I'm not worried. Only in a hurry. I've got a webcast to tune into at 4:00. It's now 2:45 at least. I'm not going to make it for the training. Nothing I can do, though, but go back to St. Thomas. My apartment keys are in my purse to say nothing of my driver's licence.

So many red lights! Why is it that when I'm early for an appointment and want to waste a little time I get almost all green lights. When I'm running late they all turn red before I get to the intersection. I have quite a reputation for getting red lights. Just ask Dolly. She'll tell you every time I picked her up for youth I rarely got a green light. And there are twelve traffic lights between my place and hers! One night I got one green light in the lot. Anyway, I got back to St. Thomas, retrieved my purse and headed home again. A half hour late for the webcast, but it went on for another hour, so maybe I didn't miss too much.

It's prayer meeting tonight. We are usually through by 9:00. Remember the webinar at 9:00? Well, we're still at the church at 9:00. Not too bad, it's not far from home. But the pastor wants to talk privately with Sheri and I. OK. It's about 9:25 when I get home and click on the link for the webinar. Oh, oh! I have to download some kind of program to do this! That's done, I access the webinar, then can't figure out how to see what I'm supposed to be seeing while I am listening. I click a button. I really don't know what it's for, but lo and behold, the page I'm supposed to watch! The subject is blogging--just what I'm doing and want to learn more about. Only problem is, they are talking about a different system than I'm using. I think it may be useless information.

Time for bed. Sounds like the day was about as useless as the webinar information. Though I believe no information is absolutely useless. Maybe I'll use it some day. One good thing about today: it gave me something to write my blog about! A little long, but I trust you won't mind. Hope you get a smile and realize maybe your day wasn't as bad as you thought. Nite, nite. Sleep tight!

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