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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Originally I wrote and posted this article on Better Networker, and I have revised it slightly for this blog. The topic deals with home-based networking businesses, but the principles can be applied to any area of life. So for those readers who are not involved in multilevel marketing I would encourage you to read this from your own perspective, your own life circumstance. I hope you enjoy it and receive some new insight from it.


You have no doubt heard the expression, “Hitch your wagon to a star” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). But the hitches I am referring to here are not going to take you to the skies. In fact, they will hold you back from reaching your goals. What I am talking about is those jerks and pulls, those hobbles and limps that life produces from time to time. There are certain types of knots called hitches and they are used to temporarily fasten an item. Impending delays are also dubbed hitches. They hold us back from the pursuit of business building. But, though undesirable, they need not be permanent fixtures in our lives.

What are the hitches in your life? What pulls you away from the main thing? What causes you to limp along simply trying to keep your head above water? One of the hitches in my life has been the telephone. I am interrupted far too often with calls of no importance to my business. Another is lack of focus. Though I definitely do not suffer from ADD or ADHD, I do often have a problem steering a straight course on one project at a time. I’m the kind of person who has several books on the go at once. I have too many things on my mind at the same time and often cannot separate them into their own time slots and leave them there. Fear can also be a hitch. Fear can be paralysing. This is the type of activity that can hold us back from achieving the income we desire. Goals become buried in the rubble of everyday activities and become deadwood. Hitches must be removed.

Glitches are malfunctions in machinery or in our plans. They are errors or problems that get in the way of accomplishing our dreams. The word glitch has its origin in the Yiddish 'glitsh' which means a slippery area. Have you ever felt like you were walking on ice where your business is concerned? Two steps forward, then suddenly you find yourself down on the ground trying to get up again. One of the glitches in my life has been my inconsistent follow-up of leads. Such a simple thing to do, but this time the telephone has become not only a hitch but a glitch as well. Fear can cause glitches in the works. Mistakes are easily made when guided by fear. Take a survey of your life to find out where the glitches are. Glitches must be fixed.

When was the last time you fell into a ditch? Was it deep? Was it filled with stagnant water like ditches often are? If we are not careful to watch where we are going, we may find ourselves teetering on the edge of a ditch. Lose your balance and over you go. Climbing out can be a challenge. And we come out spotted with mud, damp, marred by the fall. Fear can cause us to lose our direction and our balance. We need a road map for our business, a plan of action, so that we know exactly where we are headed. We need a time schedule so we know where we are supposed to be and when. You might say, “Let’s just fill up the ditches so we can’t fall into them.” But that is not the solution. Ditches must be avoided.

So, what now? A great exercise would be to do some honest soul-searching. None of us likes to see our own faults. We would much rather pick out the faults of others. Even blame them for our hitches, glitches and ditches. And very often it isn’t totally our own fault. Perhaps leadership does not lead. The pay plan may not work as we had thought. Hidden things come to light after we sign up. Customers may not materialize as quickly as we hoped. Prospects come and go for many reasons out of our control. But let’s own up to the mistakes we have made. Let’s be honest about how much effort we have really put into our business. Did we only work for two hours a couple of days a week then expect $10,000.00 a month income? Really! I don’t think so.

Overcome fear with love. Love your business. Love your customers as the real people they are. Love your family, your company, your team members; love yourself (not necessarily in that order). But first and foremost, love the Lord with all your heart. Then we can go on to the next step to success.

We need to work out a strategy to remove the hitches. We may need to seek expert help to fix the glitches. If your computer has a glitch and you know nothing about fixing computers, would you try to take it apart to repair it? Hopefully not. Find that expert and fast! And we need direction to avoid those ditches. You may have to engage a map-maker to help you along the way. MLM is not a one-man band but a team. Teams require teamwork. If the team you belong to is ignoring you, if the members don’t seem to know what they are doing or if they are not successful at the business, I suggest you find another team that you can work with towards your success and theirs.

Remember, remove hitches, fix glitches and avoid ditches. Success is just around the corner. Don’t give up, you will make it if you persevere.

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