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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Recently I read a book with a most intriguing, if somewhat perplexing, title: The Kingdom of God is a Party by Tony Campolo (click the link to hear the audio). His concept of church, home life, the business or work place is that it should all be fun. In otherwise, enjoyable. No, he does not imply that we will never have troubles, problems, distresses, etc. But the overall attitude should be one of a party--a party spirit.

This is probably a new concept to many people. It was to me. Especially where work is concerned. How many people today view their 9-5 jobs as drudgery, boring, dull routine, merely a necessity to an end of making enough money to keep them and their families afloat? How many view their job as a big monster they have to face day after day after dreary day? They literally hate it.

In an attempt to build a home-based business while still holding down an outside job, many become frustrated, over-tired with the effort when things don't go as planned. It's not easy to build a business, especially when you have only a few hours a week to give it between work and family obligations. It may seem overwhelming and may eventually look impossible. Time to give up. Or is it?

So, what do you do when you're stuck in rut in a job you're not happy doing? Look for another job? Often that is not an option. So, do you keep plodding on day after day with no end in sight, no sign of let-up? In one sense, yes, you do have to keep working. But in another sense, you can do something about it without leaving your position or giving up on that home-based business at which you would love to succeed.

It's called Attitude. I know, you've heard all that before. But think about it for a minute. The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. How is your thinking today? Have you ever stopped to assess your thought patterns? I'm sure you've heard the expression before, but there is a great truth and much wisdom in it: Do a regular attitude check. You would never consider driving your car year after year after year without taking it in for servicing. You probably wouldn't go for years without a dental or physical check-up. So why not check up on the attitude of your heart? I can hear you now. Yeah! Right! Whatever! Please read on with an open mind.

Take time to give your attitude a tune-up. Like tuning into a station on your radio, tune in to the party spirit. Life is all about attitude. Attitude toward your personal life. Attitude toward your past, your present and your future. Attitude toward your family, friends and casual acquaintances. Attitude toward your job, your employer, your fellow-employees. Attitude about your church, your pastor, the people in the church. Attitude about your neighbors, your government officials, the people who work where you shop. You have one, either positive or negative. Either the party or a funeral. Which one is it?

Sometimes we simply continue on in the same old way day after day without giving this subject the least consideration. Or if we do, we think it's just the way we are and there's nothing we can do about it. But attitude, like many things in life, is about choice. We have the ability to choose what our attitude will be. Yes, it takes time and effort to change our attitude when we realize it isn't quite up to the standard it should be. But it can be done.

In my opinion, you cannot perfect this principle of the party spirit apart from the Christian life, but I also believe that to some extent non-Christians can successfully develop the party spirit. It must influence the home, workplace, church, recreation, relationships, every part of life.

A short time ago I joined an online network called "Gratitude Log". The premise of the site is to post on a daily basis what you are grateful for. It's a great exercise. You can post as many times a day as you like, and read what others are grateful for. I invite you to join me there on a journey to developing the party spirit.

But just what is the party spirit? Think about the best party you have ever attended. You had fun, felt free from your cares for a short time, you mingled with like-minded friends. Maybe you met new people. Perhaps you saw people you hadn't seen in years and the reunion was sweet. You left behind your worries and set your mind on the present moment.

The party spirit will begin to shine through once you learn to turn off the negative thoughts, stop mulling over all the evils in the world, in your job, stop dwelling on all the garbage, and begin to see that life is wonderful. There are many things to be thankful for. Simple things. Like waking up in the morning. Having health and strength to do your job. The beauty of creation all around us. For family. For faithful friends. For a roof over our heads. For full stomachs at mealtime. For a sound mind. Now, go to work and think of some more that are particular to your life. Feel better yet? Feel the party spirit trying to break through?

Fill your mind with these kinds of things and life will no longer seem like such a weight around your neck. When you wake up in the morning you will look forward to what the day will bring. You might just begin to like that job a little better. And you may see a successful future for your home-based business closer than you thought. Your family life will improve when you look for the good things in your wife/husband, children, parents, friends and co-workers. Let's get started right now. Click on this link and join the growing group at Gratitude Log . I want to read all those wonderful things that have daily made you grateful.

Come on! Let's party!

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