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Friday, January 1, 2010


I'm re-posting my blog from BetterNetworker here for those who have not heard yet. I just wanted to announce, first of all, my new business - Healthy Coffee. But my main announcement is that, in less than two weeks with the company, I find myself in the list of Founding Members in Canada! The response to this business and the products has been overwhelming. I have been in a number of network marketing businesses in the past but have never seen anything like this. I'm really excited and believe the momentum that I started with just a week before Christmas 2009 is going to explode in 2010.
I am not what you would call a coffee-holic. In fact I'm anything but. Until I tasted Healthy Coffee, especially the Blend (with non-dairy creamer and cane sugar), I normally drank only one coffee a week. Yes, you read that right! One per week! Now I drink two cups of Healthy Coffee - or sometimes Chai Milk Tea or the Energy Drink - every single day! And I'm loving it! I already feel the difference in my body.
Healthy Coffee products are relatively caffeine-free (0.3% in contrast to the 8.6% to over 13% in other decaf coffees) and all contain reishi mushroom and ginseng, adaptogens that help keep your energy flowing without the caffeine energy burst or crash. I had spent months fighting a battle with fatigue before I began to drink these products. Now I have energy when I need it for as long as I need it. And the pain level from arthritis and fibromyalgia was increasing in spite of taking supplements that were supposed to help alleviate the symptoms. In just a few days the pain had decreased significantly even after a long day on my feet on cement floors - and in the cold.
Below is a picture taken at the market where I share my product and business opportunity every Tuesday. If you live anywhere near Aylmer Ontario Canada I'd like to invite you to stop by and say, "Hi!" I'll even give you a sample of the product to try for yourself.
So, all of you coffee and/or tea drinkers who are reading this post, and any of you who love energy drinks, please check out my web site to see not only what we have but the new products coming this year. It's getting 'gooder and gooder'.
For anyone interested in joining my team, there are still positions in the Founders Club open in Canada and  in the US, so now is the time to get on board before the 300 positions in each country are filled. We also have offices in seven other countries and are building in 23 in total. The company goal is to be in 100 countries within 10 years. Join me and grow a team with me and with Healthy Coffee International. Make 2010 the best year ever. Remember, coffee is only second to oil for global revenue. Let's work towards earning our share in that revenue.
I wish you success and prosperity in 2010. Happy New Year!
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  1. Best of luck in this new venture! A friend of mine just got into this as well and was telling me about it. :)